Quality Assurance

Cambridge Packing Co., Inc. brings the best portion controlled Beef, Pork, Lamb, Veal and Poultry to restaurants, schools and the healthcare Industry. Our company goal is to assure that our customers receive quality wholesome food products processed and distributed to each customer’s unique specifications. Our employees are trained in the quality system as it pertains to their job descriptions.


Cambridge PackingQuality meats (beef, lamb, pork, poultry and veal) remain the cornerstone, but are complimented with a full line of specialty meats and game, fresh and frozen seafood, gourmet groceries, cheeses, frozen foods, etc. Quality is our trademark in every product line. Cambridge Packing Co., Inc. has in place a USDA Grade Labeling program and a Certified Aged Beef program. Our portion processing operation is state-of-the-art with highly trained personnel.

We pride ourselves on an Excellent rating from ASI, an independent food safety consulting firm, and our close work with USDA on HACCP and other food safety related programs including GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Practices) and SSOP’s (Standard Sanitation Operating Procedures). Cambridge Packing Co., Inc. (Est. 1930/P4009) has successfully developed and implemented a USDA recognized Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system which includes:

  • A comprehensive food safety net covering inside and outside premises, transportation and storage, equipment, personnel and training, sanitation and pest control, product recalls and microbiological environmental testing.
  • Procedures detailing the proper cleaning and sanitizing of the production area, shipping and receiving dock, and product coolers and freezers.
  • Constant temperature monitoring of production, product coolers/freezers.
  • Temperature check of all meat, poultry and seafood received.
  • All meat and poultry products are received from a Federally Inspected Establishment.
  • Inspection reports completed prior to start up and throughout the day ensuring proper cleaning/sanitation and food handling techniques
  • Full-time HACCP coordinator and Quality Assurance Manager

Cambridge Packing Co., Inc. takes pride in finding the highest quality suppliers and products, adding our expertise and special handling, to produce a safe and wholesome food product from “Farm To Plate”


Paul Dias
Director of Quality Assurance