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Our Seafood Mission: Quality & Sustainability

Since 1923, the finest dining establishments have trusted Cambridge Packing: Fine Meats & Seafood to deliver top quality, fresh seafood.   And now, to quality retail markets as well.

We specialize in fish from New England waters such as Haddock, Cod, Scallops and Oysters.  Local boats bring in Swordfish, Yellow Fin Tuna, Halibut, Calamari, Salmon, as well as Live Lobster and a full line of shellfish and shrimp.  Sustainability is a high priority for us.  Keeping the local waters, boat captains and our communities healthy and happy is our goal.

Our close proximity to one of the best fish piers in the country, allows us the ability to source superior, local fish.   We buy fresh every day, in quantities relative to our needs, instead of holding a lot of inventory ensuring only the finest and freshest seafood is available. All of our fillets are cut to order when the order is placed.  We hold no fresh stock.

To assure your customers have a positive dining experience, we have developed personal relationships with our local vendors, allowing us the ability to portion the freshest seafood to your exact specifications.  

Our Frozen Seafood department has access to endless supplies of species from around the world, if you need it, we will source it.

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First we start with local, wild caught Maine lobster.  Locally sourced and local sustainable fishing is a priority to Cambridge Packing. We keep track of the particular harbor where the lobsters were caught, so the information can be passed to your customers.  The tails are harvested and fully cleaned, using a state of the art suction process prior to freezing.  The freezing process occurs in approximately 10 minutes. The speed of the freeze captures the flavor, texture, and juiciness of the tail. Once thawed it will stand up to any fresh tail. 


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