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We offer a variety of poultry solutions for almost any application.  Our suppliers are hand selected for quality, freshness and sustainable growing.


NEW ENGLAND’S FRESHEST POULTRY. PERIOD.  Locally sourced, fresh, air-chilled, all-natural, growth hormone free whole chicken.   Finally, birds grown to the size we used to expect!  All whole birds are SOURCE VERIFIED.  

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Consumers are increasingly concerned about the food that they consume. They desire to provide their families the most wholesome, healthy, and safe food possible. Nature's Sensation™ is the answer when it comes to the best choice for chicken.  NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER, 100% VEGETARIAN FED. 

Misty Knoll Farms

Vermont free-range turkeys and naturally-raised chickens are the world standard for healthy and tasty poultry.   We follow sustainable farming practices to ensure our cropland will be productive for future generations. Our birds are feed whole grain, free of antibiotics and animal by-products.   The result— healthy, nutritious, and flavorful birds nature’s way.  By processing our free range turkeys and naturally-raised chickens on-site in our own USDA-inspected facility, they sustain much less stress.     We carefully grade them by hand to assure that only the finest birds are available for sale.

Springer Mountain Farms

Nestled in the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Springer Mountain Farms continues to provide the most delicious, purest, and most nutritious chicken possible, which is why our chicken is different than any other. Our chickens are 100% All Natural with NO Antibiotics, NO Steroids, NO Growth Stimulants or Hormones, and are NEVER fed Animal By-products... they only receive a vegetarian diet of American-grown, pesticide-free grains with natural vitamins and minerals and fresh mountain water.

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