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Snake River Farms, well known for its premium American Kobe beef, is now producing American Kurobuta pork.  Kurobuta (Japanese black hog) is 100% pure all-natural Berkshire Pork.   kurobuta pork is lean, with small, fine streaks of marbling that make each cut sweet, tender and juicy. Unlike traditional white pork that tends to be bland and dry, American Kurobuta pork is darker in color and richly flavorful.

We offer a full line of SRF American Kurobuta pork for all your culinary needs.  Center cut loins , Prime rib of pork (Rack of pork), Boneless loins, Sirloins, Tenderloins, Single rib bellies, Collars, Pork Shoulders, Three piece hams

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Hampshire Breed Specific and Superior Quality. Our animals are never administered antibiotics, growth promotants or added hormones.  They are 100% vegetarian fed.  Animals are raised on small Mid-Western family farms in a sustainable and low-stress environment, with open range feeding.  Our smoked meats have no added nitrates, no preservatives and are smoked with real hickory hardwood.


Premium All-Natural Lamb

No additives or artificial growth promotants are used in open range.  An all-natural diet ensures that product is unbeatable for its purity, wholesomeness and sweet, mild taste. Fresh Australian & New Zealand premium Lamb has been heralded for its quality. 

The Australian & New Zealand lamb industries produces large, lean lambs specifically for the North American market. The yield on fresh Lamb cuts is typically greater because it is derived from larger, leaner lambs that have minimal internal and surface fat. There is less fat to trim, resulting in meatier, leaner lamb cuts with larger eye muscle area and less product waste.

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